Institute of Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science

prof. Z. Szafrana 2, 65-246 Zielona Góra, Poland

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dr hab. inz. Ryszard Rybski, prof. UZ, e-mail:
Deputy Director
dr Leszek Furmankiewicz, e-mail:

General information

The Institute of Metrology, Electronics and Computer Science was established in 1984. It employs 7 professors, 22 doctors and 2 Master's degree holders. The Institute is comprised of the Division of Metrology and Electronics, the Division of Computer Engineering and Internet of Things.

Major research fields

  • Measuring devices and systems for monitoring technological processes and objects:
    • intelligent converters of electrical and non-electrical quantities,
    • devices and systems for measuring power quality parameters,
    • analysis and synthesis of distributed measuring and controlling systems,
    • communication and visualisation.
  • Artificial Intelligence in the diagnostics of industrial processes and objects:
    • methods and techniques for acquiring diagnostic knowledge,
    • integration of expert systems with visualisation and control systems,
    • constructing of hybrid expert systems,
    • data warehouses for the needs of monitoring systems,
    • control and diagnostics of industrial processes and objects.
  • Precise comparison of chosen electrical quantities and setting optimal working conditions in distortion circuits:
    • precise comparison of chosen electrical quantities - impedance comparators,
    • impedance measurement using the method of processing phase shift angles,
    • calibrators of electrical quantities,
    • shaping the accuracy of corellation measurements using A-D conversion with the dither signal.

International cooperation

Mittelhessen University of Applied Science (THM), Germany.
Subject: Construction of intelligent measuring sensors of non-electrical quantities.
Outcomes: Joint publications; implementation of the SOCRATES/Erasmus programme.

Cooperation with industry

The scientific research of the Institute is focused mainly on the cooperation with regional industry implemented within research projects cofinanced by the Ministry of Scientific Research and Computerisation in Poland and within research works.
The cooperation results in numerous studies, the majority of which have already been implemented, including the following:
  • In the Centre of Research and Development (Osrodek Badawczo Rozwojowy) Metrol Zielona Góra, meters and analyzers of electrical power quality parameters rewarded with the German-Polish Innovation Award 1999, Guben, Germany,
  • In Metrol Zielona Góra, bridges for the standard industrial networks facilitating the integration of measuring and controlling devices,
  • In Relpol Zary: diagnostic system for the quality control of digital security automatics systems CZIP,
  • In Cargill Warsaw: software system for telemetrics,
  • In Inmel Zielona Góra: universal portable power calibrator 8000,
  • In cooperation with Apator Torun: pre-paid electrity meters
  • Withhin w research grant: world-class power calibrator Inmel 8033,
  • In Relpol Zary: Internet monitoring system for radiations gates,
  • In Metrol Zielona Gďż˝ra: Internet gate for PLC drivers.
The Institute also conducted research work for the Glogow Cooperworks (Huta Miedzi Głogów).

Scientific conferences

  • Measuring Systems in Scientific Research and Industry (Systemy pomiarowe w badaniach naukowych i w przemysle), Lagów, held regularly since 1996, last in 2018

Scientific conferences

  • International School on Nonsinusoidal Currents and Compensation (ISNCC), Lubiatďż˝w, held regularly since 1995, last in 2015